Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day is a free event - anyone is welcome to attend at no charge.

shirtweb.gifAll attendees will receive a free special-edition #MNGOLD GOCRA T-Shirt.

But both the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) and the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee (MNGOPAC) will incur significant expenses to deliver this event - including equipment rental, t-shirts, supplies, printing, and other costs.

Your contribution will help us offset the costs of the event and go towards supporting two organizations that have a long track record of supporting your Second Amendment rights in Minnesota:

  • For more than twenty-give years, GOCRA has been the voice of law-abiding gun owners at the Minnesota State Capitol. Their legislative accomplishments include the Minnesota Citizen's Personal Protection Act (the "Carry" law), Range Protection, and Stand your Ground (later vetoed by Governor Dayton), among many others.
  • The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee works to identify, support, and defend pro-Second Amendment candidates across Minnesota. In 2014, their efforts made a key difference in electing a strong pro-Second Amendment majority in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Can you give $10, $25, $50, or even $75 or more to help support the Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day and these two organizations?

Your contributions will first be used to offset the cost of the event - any leftover contributions will be evenly divided amongst the two organizations. Because funds will be used for political purposes, your donations are not tax deductible.


Who's donating

Leonid Igdal
Steve Erickson
Sheila Franey
Rory Groves
David Harrington
Joshua Kern
Scott Brannon
Matt Loschy
Aaron Alanen
Stewart Naaden
Cory Birkemeyer
Daniel Whalen
Jon Payne
Dale Tiegs
Sierra Bunting
Sierra Bunting
Todd Flom
Lisa Welton
Lewis Kieffer
Michael Yapel
Nicholas Popehn
Richard Evans
Jason Lindberg
Jason Lindberg
Mary K Berry
Sean Novack
Peter Houghtaling
Ben Rust
Scott Mason
Peter Montbriand